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Lady Kenna+ Palettes requested by ladykenna


       You remembered.


  Of course I did,

I love you. I even got you a present. A silk dress like the one we saw on the diplomat’s wife a few months ago, remember? I got one very similar, in your favorite color.

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xofthecreed asked:
"Don’t ever do that again."

"If kissing someone else means distracting them long enough for you to escape, I’ll will do it again.”


Long Time Gone Sentence Memes 


  • "I thought you were dead."
  • "So what’ve you been doing since you left?"
  • "Did you even think about calling?"
  • "But I went to your funeral!"
  • "What happened to you?"
  • "I’ve thought about you every day since."
  • "So I left, what’s the big deal?"
  • "I tried to call you."
  • "Did you ever get that postcard I sent?"
  • "Have you told anyone?"
  • "So you disappear off the face of the earth and then you come back and just expect to pick up exactly where we left off?"
  • "I came back for you."
  • "Did it ever occur to you that I might’ve moved on?"
  • "Well maybe I don’t want to see you again."
  • "I thought I’d never see you again."
  • "I left you a billion voicemails."
  • "Don’t ever do that again."

  • Person: I hate musicals
  • Person: They're so gay
  • Me: 
  • Person: 
  • Me: 
  • Cop: Can you tell me what happened?
  • Me: He ran into my knife.
  • Me: He ran into my knife ten times.
  • Ensemble out of nowhere: HE HAD IT COMIN'



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fave teen wolf screencaps: 2x02 shape shifted

fave teen wolf screencaps: 2x02 shape shifted

68 gif icons of the hottie Taylor Kitsch

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Great sentences for single-line open starters! 


Good for use for generic openers, open starters (though I suggest coupling any of them with a reaction image of some sort), or IC asks!

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•”Hello? Can anybody hear me?”
•”Sorry, can you help me? I’m a little lost.”
•”Quick! Get down!”
•”This is going to sound like a line, but… Do you believe in fate?”
•”You look really familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?”
•”Stop right there! This is a stick up!”
•”I wouldn’t do that if I were you…”
•”Somebody help me! Please!”
•”Don’t move!”
•”Hey, be honest: how do I look?”
•”Want to make an easy $20?”
•”Don’t go in there.”
•”Did anybody kind of shady looking just run by here?”
•”I bet I could make your day better in 10 minutes. Want to know why…?”
•”Oh, god! Not you!”
•”Why are you here?”
•”How do we get out of here?”
•”Do you have a minute? I bet it could change your life.”
•”Can I give you a little piece of advice?”
“Where’s the exit?”
•”How does this thing work?”
•”Stop! Please, you have to help me!”
•”What happened? I can’t remember anything; can you?”

"Happy Birthday!"

Your muse walks in on mine laying in bed shirtless and has bruses, open wounds and gashes all over them and hasnt been heard from all day. How does yours react? 

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