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peace losers I’m going to bed


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A very serious fanmix about Dick Grayson and his wonderful ass. (x)

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i’m losing more and more followers but

does it look like I care


Claudia Auditore + text posts

Rachel was the first to hop on the Laura train y’all needa chill ight?



"Father told me you left, but—"


"I knew you could never."

          I told him I would return as soon as time
          allowed. I was very busy; I didn’t have time
          to say goodbye or call here, and I’m sorry.

"Oh you so have to make this up to me-" She scoffed, pulling him towards her to rest her head on his shoulder. "That was torture. Don’t leave me again."

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     That’s not what I meant… I do not see why we should be so restricted… I do not see how anything could fade for either of us, it would be torture…


I— I would never want you to get in trouble, love. By your new husband or by any of your future subjects. A female mistress to a bastard who’s hoping to be legitimized? Hardly regal.


Don’t tell
           { me }
                 I’m not a
                        m o n s t e r.
                             I know the
                                     { truth } 

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when your roleplay partner responds to a thread with something angsty as hell


[ A mumbled moan,]

      [An outstretched hand to the one in front of her,]

           [And the world slips from under, engulfing her in darkness.]